How to Make a Floral Embroidery Hoop

How to Make a Floral Embroidery Hoop Picture Using Recycled Clothes

Embroidery hoop pictures make a beautiful accent piece for your wall, and is a great way to recycle old clothes. For the best look, choose clothes with a pretty floral print or design. This is also a great way to make an heirloom picture that can be handed down from generation to generation. Choose a piece of clothing that belongs to a special family member, or one that belonged to your child when they were little, and use it for the cloth center for the floral picture.

Embroidery Hoop Picture

Embroidery Hoop Picture

Piece of clothing
Embroidery hoop
1 1/2 yard lace
Glue gun and sticks
Dried or silk florals matching the fabric
Tape measure
Floral wire
Permanent marker



1. Lay the piece of clothing out flat. To get the best results, wash and iron the piece of clothing before cutting and framing it.

2. Place the embroidery hoop on the center of the clothing piece. If the item of clothing has any buttons or zippers remove them, if possible. Trace the outside of the embroidery hoop on the piece of clothing using a permanent marker. Add an inch border, then cut the circle out and go to this web-site.

3. Open the embroidery hoop. Place the center piece of the embroidery hoop on a flat surface. Place the circle centered on the hoop. Place the outer hoop on top of the fabric. Screw the top of the embroidery hoop closed, and tighten as much as possible. If there are wrinkles, carefully pull fabric piece until it is wrinkle-free and tight. Trim fabric as close to the embroidery hoop edge as possible.

4. Starting at the back rim of the embroidery hoop, glue lace around the hoop. Glue the end piece of lace slightly over the beginning piece of lace. Trim lace.

5. Glue florals to the center of the fabric piece of the picture. Glue enough florals to make a full 3-dimensional floral arrangement at the center of the embroidery hoop picture. If you don’t want to use florals, you could place tassels, ornate drapery tie backs, or any decorative item that would uniquely decorate your picture. If this is going to be an heirloom piece, you could carefully glue a picture of the person who;s clothing made this special frame.

6. Put a piece of floral wire through the part the embroidery hoop screw at the top. Twist ends together to make a hanger.

Crafts supplies for this craft project can be found at your local craft store.