Porcupine Bristle Hairbrush for Great Quality

Rucci Boar/Porcupine Bristle Hairbrush for Great Quality

Over the years I have had many hairbrushes, and haven’t really been happy with any of them. The one I have been using this past year, was a gift from Estee Lauder, when I purchased my perfume. It was a small brush, with bristles only going around half of it. The back of it was plastic.

When I bought my new hairdryer, that had a higher wattage than my old one, the plastic prongs went to the side, and I almost thought that it just might melt the brush, visit this web-site.

I had been looking for a good quality round brush for a long time, but the only ones I could find were plastic. Just before Christmas my husband was looking for gifts for me, and we happened to go into Marshalls. Here we found a Rucci hairbrush that was exactly what I was looking for. The original price was $12, and Marshall’s price was $5.99.

Bristle Hairbrush

Christmas morning I couldn’t wait to open my gifts. Yes, I knew that I was getting this, but I was still delighted with it. The length of the brush from the handle to the end is 9 inches. The bristles go down exactly halfway, making them 4 and a half inches. The bristles come out three-quarters of an inch. There are 16 lines of bristles.

On the handle of the brush is states: “Rucci Bamboo Collection”. The tag attached to it states that bamboo is environmental friendly product 100% natural.

I wash my hair every few days, because I have it up in a French twist. By the time I am ready to wash it, it has been backcombed, and has lots of hairspray in it. I took down the pins, and then held my new brush in my hand, and brushed my hair. The Rucci brush went through my hair so much easier than a plastic one. Each time I put it through my hair, I didn’t have any knots, or it not going completely through. It made brushing my hair so much better.

Once my hair was washed, and gel was in it, I then got my hairdryer, and brush ready. I switched on the hairdryer, and then picked up a line of my hair in the hairbrush, and dried it. I continued to do this with all my hair. The hairbrush lifted my hair, and created volume, and height.

What I loved about this brush, compared to my old one was, that my hand used to burn as it was so close to the dryer. With this much bigger brush, the heat doesn’t go near my hand.

Once my hair was dry, I then went to the end of the handle of the brush. This is where a cute little spike, or pick, is stored, to get the hair out of the brush. This is so much easier than picking it out with your fingers. Once done, it goes back into it’s own little hole.


On the card that was attached to the brush it states:

“Warning: Do not wrap hair more than three-quarters of the way around brush to avoid tangling.
Bamboo – Naturally organic, sustainable, eco-friendly 100% biodegradable”.

I love my new brush. The handle is strong, sturdy, and has a great grip. It is really well made, and I figure that I will get years of wear, out of my new Rucci Bamboo Hairbrush.