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Tom Daley graduated from Preston-Fountain High School in southern Minnesota and has been a resident of Eagan for 10 years. Tom has worked as a leader in the private sector in both large companies and small entrepreneurial environments. Tom currently serves on the Eagan Planning Commission, is Cubmaster for Pack 446, an active lector at St John Neumann Catholic Church, and has coached soccer, basketball and track through Eagan Athletic Association.

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Blower Door Test Uses
Blower Door Test Uses
Controlled Ventilation Sufficient hygienic ventilation within the meaning of the…

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Iraq War Veteran – Sr. Economic Advisor. Gulf War Veteran. Lieutenant Colonel, Army Reserve.

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Eagan Planning Commission. Republicans can trust where Ted stands on the issues.

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Ted has worked as a leader in the private sector in both large companies and small entrepreneurial environments. He knows the value of a strong work ethic and brings his service-oriented mindset to all of the people in Senate District 51.

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Blower Door Test Uses

Blower Door Test Uses

Controlled Ventilation

Sufficient hygienic ventilation within the meaning of the so-called Pettenkofer limit value must be ensured regardless of the degree of tightness of a building and the type of ventilation (window / shaft ventilation or ventilation system). The realization that “breathing walls” make no contribution here should no longer have been an issue since the publication of DIN 4108 [13] in 1952.

In [2] and [3] the current maximum limit values for the air permeability of a building are specified, which, however, apply to ventilation systems (ventilation systems) with heat recovery according to Section 4.4. should be undercut in [3]. From a publication by the IWU Darmstadt [14] from 1995 it can be concluded that ventilation systems in leaky buildings do not make sense from an energetic point of view.

Controlled Ventilation

The specific ventilation heat losses due to a leaky building envelope can exceed the share of specific ventilation heat losses due to the necessary air exchange via the ventilation system many times over. According to [15], the result is uneconomical operation of the ventilation system because the energy costs saved are below the operating and maintenance costs of the system. Check out here at https://www.sustainableinteriyours.com/blog/what-is-a-blower-door-test website to get more tricks.

In addition to the energetic and economic aspects, the explanations in the section on moisture protection show that ventilation through joints and cracks, i.e. through leaks, can lead to considerable structural damage and is therefore not a sensible option. In addition, the ventilation of a building via leaks, as can be seen in the section on thermal insulation, is very dependent on the weather.

Calculations are given in [16] which show that sufficient air exchange (at least 0.4 air exchange per hour) via joints and cracks would only be guaranteed at an n5050 value of 20 h-1. However, this would mean that on cold winter days air changes of well over 10 per hour would occur [15].

A high level of knowledge of the relationships between airtightness and ventilation or ventilation system is a prerequisite for a hygienically and energetically sensible exchange of air in the building.

Standards / Regulations


The term air permeability of the components was already more than 50 years ago in DIN 4108 – thermal insulation in building construction [13]. This first edition of the series of standards from 1952, which still exists today, shows the great importance even in the times when the word energy saving was not yet part of the basic vocabulary and DIN 4108 underpinned the importance of thermal protection with, among other things, “coal savings”. In this standard [13], the following is stated regarding air permeability:

It then took more than 40 years until specific requirements for the airtightness of the building envelope were set in a standard [19] and the regulatory authority could then adopt them [20]. Further information on the historical and legal significance of an airtight building envelope can be found in the explanations of this book.

Space Saving Furniture Ideas for a Small Living Area

Space Saving Furniture Ideas for a Small Living Area

Ways to Remodel Your Small Living Area for More Seating and Less Clutter

Struggling with Feng Shui in a small space? Trying to create that perfect focal point but coming up short? Try a few of these suggestions and hopefully your crunch for space will become a hip seating area with a good flow. Living in a studio apartment of about 1,000 square feet, I have seen the problems which occur with seating for parties or mere social engagements. Futons can replace your old hideaway bed, especially because they generally take up less space and yet still provide a sleeping space when needed. In order to maximize a futon’s potential, try laying it down in the flat position and using a thick comforter on it. Place throw pillows along both arms and around the side facing the wall, this will create a day bed which can potentially seat more people or give a spot for board games with only taking up about 6 more inches of the room. Throw pillows should be small in size; big pillows will steal space and eye attention.

Futons generally work best in square rooms or rooms with a wide birth, for those with a slightly narrower space try using space saving collapsible or hideaways. The traditional Murphy bed (bed concealed in wall) is a notorious space saver and yet is found few and far between in our modern apartments. Check out Murphy bed possibilities at https://antiquesandartireland.com/2016/06/ and hopefully you’ll find the perfect space saving solution for your home (Murphy beds range in price from $600-$1200).

Ways to Remodel Your Small Living Area for More Seating and Less Clutter

Other tuck and go options include cube tables which fold into each other, or the elegant style of floating shelves. Floating shelves add the ability to display all of your books or pictures without having to take up table space. In order to maximize the seating ability gained with the use of floating shelves, try using a long narrow couch without arms under the shelves, this allows for comfortable seating without bumping heads, and an armless couch saves space and allows for multiple people to cram onto a couch without being too snug.

For coffee table options outside the norm, try using a higher than normal style coffee table with an option to tuck and store an ottoman underneath it, that way you do not clutter up your space and yet have more options to accommodate more people in the event of a large get together or party.

Wall bars also work for space saving abilities, providing an option for standing or sitting on traditional bar stools, narrow bars along a wall side can provide functional space for paying bills during the day or sipping cocktails and eating dinner at night. For some options try or www.ikea.com both of which offer a variety of furniture options which are contemporary and yet space saving.


So think smart and shop smart and hopefully you can find some furniture options which suit your needs. Far too often I see apartments with one large bed dominating a bedroom, or a huge old couch which just seems out of place. Donate your big bulky furniture to goodwill and go ahead and buy that functional space saving futon. You won’t regret it. Also make sure your furniture is of good quality, cheap furniture will be made out of press board and will fall apart when your 300 lb friends come over to watch the big game. Futons with metal frames can also bend and warp, try going with a solid wood frame, or a stainless steel. The price may be higher but so is the longevity. Staying away from large bulky items will allow your guests to take in the entire view of the room without focusing on one huge dresser. Lastly, do not settle too quickly when picking out your new furniture, there is a vast market out there and if you search you will find just the right piece to aid in your seating dilemma.

Family Vacations: Traveling with Kids

Family Vacations: Traveling with Kids

Each summer thousands of parents pack up and head out on a fantastic voyage with their kids. Some hop on an airplane to visit far-away places, while others jump in their cars and hit the road closer to home. Either way, family vacations are a great way to spend quality time together. However, the stress of planning and budgeting for a vacation can take the fun out of the process. These ideas will help parents find the best ways to travel with kids and take the stress out of the planning. Planning early can go a long way. Desirable vacation destinations can book up by February for the summer months.

Traveling to the Destination

Traveling to the Destination

Be realistic about what the kids can really handle. Parents know their children best and they will know whether 9 hours on an airplane is too much. Kids do not come with manuals and parents might be surprised to find out that their child who flew great last year, is scared this year. A good indicator of how kids will travel on a longer trip is to gauge how they do on shorter trips. If a trip to the supermarket or to a relatives house in the same town stresses them then a closer destination might be best. Most times kids will travel great when they are excited and they know what to expect. Prepare them so there are no surprises.

Low-Budget Kid-Friendly Accommodations

Camping is a great idea when traveling with kids. Families can enjoy the great outdoors with each other and in the evenings gather around a campfire. Most campgrounds have activities geared towards kids as well. Parents with very young children or those who don’t like the outdoors, but enjoy the campfire atmosphere can find a happy medium like a cabin or yurt, check more details here. Both cabins and yurts are usually located on campgrounds but there is the luxury of camping indoors. Yurts and cabins provide a warmer camping experience with beds or cots and most of them have electricity as well. They are more expensive than tent camping, but cheaper than most hotels. KOA campsites are very kid-friendly and are located all over the United States and Canada. They have great cabins , with comfortable beds and fire pits outside so families can still sit around the campfire.

Hostels with Kids

Hostels with Kids

Hostels are no longer just for backpackers. Many families who are traveling on a low budget stay in hostels with their kids. Hostels can be fun places where families can meet other travelers. Hostels cost less than hotels. There is some sacrifice to be made with staying in a hostel. Most of the time they have shared showers and kitchens. However, occasionally there are private rooms equipped with private bathrooms. Private rooms have a bed and breakfast feel without the high cost. Check the policy of the hostel before booking as most hostels are for international travelers. And if you are traveling internationally, check out family friendly hostels online.

Travel Smart, Go Prepared

Bring the shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, deodorant, sand toys, beach chairs, towels, firewood, and other miscellaneous items. Often resorts, hotels, and even campgrounds will raise the cost of the personal items because there is a demand for them. Traveling with personal items and even food will make the vacation more affordable.

Find a Hotel with a Kitchen

Find a Hotel with a Kitchen

Find an accommodation with a kitchen. Eating at restaurants is a huge expense while on vacation. Most cities and towns will have some type of accommodation with access to a kitchen. Hostels have shared kitchens with all the utensils and space to store the food. Shop at the local supermarkets to get the best prices. Have the kids help with the cooking

Plan as much as possible but leave a little wiggle room for the fun stuff that will come up. Family vacations are meant to be fun and every minute cannot be planned. However, the important stuff like accommodations can be. Travel smart and have fun!

Simple Steps to Quick Muscle Gain

Simple Steps to Quick Muscle Gain

Every male dreams of it. A nice lean hard body, bulging with muscles as far as the eye can grasp. That is a great fantasy huh. Just think out of it. All the girls checking you out. Rubbing on your ripped stomach, squeezing your biceps, and gazing at your amazing chest. Sounds great doesn’t it. But that is a far stretch from your reality. Many men have been told many myths about how to gain weight. This article looks to shed some light on how you can gain weight in the areas that you want, get idea about your bit. Gaining muscle is very simple if you just follow these three simple things. Those three things are training, eating and resting. That’s it. Mind boggling huh? I promise if you follow these three simple things you will be on your way to your fantasy body in no time. Lets go into more detail about this three components shall we.



The first thing you must do if you want to gain quick muscle is to train. In particular free weight training. If you are looking to pack on a lot of lean muscle in a short period of time, then those free weights are going to become your bosom buddy for awhile. Make sure if you are training with free weights that you do not try to get fancy. Stick to the basic movements and basic training for each body part. Also, it is important that you stick to one or two body parts a day. Do not make the mistake and go to your local gym and try to work every muscle in one day. You want be back the next day if you do this.


Now that you have started your training, you are going to have to fuel your body. I can’t begin to tell you the countless times I’ve seen the same scrawny people that have been training faithfully for years, but haven’t gotten any bigger since the day they stepped into the gym. A lot of people miss this key element when trying to gain muscle quickly. You need to eat and not only that you need to do it often. Your body needs protein to build muscle. On an average, you need to eat at least 1 gram of protein per your body weight a day. So if you are 100 lbs, then you need to 100 grams of protein a day. Not only do you need to consume protein, you need to also consume carbohydrates. You need to eat at least three times your body weight in carbohydrates. This can be easily obtained by eating every 2-3 hours. You should also take a protein shake when you wake up in the morning and before and after you workout. I know exactly what your are thinking. Man that’s a lot of food. I don’t get that hungry. Trust me your body will start getting hungry every 2-3 hours if you start doing this. This is great for those who have a hard time gaining weight.


If you really want to see your muscles grow fast you need to make sure you get plenty of rest. This step is just as important as the first two. Without rest, your muscle will not get the recovery they need to grow. You should always rest at least 1-2 minutes between every exercise you do, and you should at least give each body part a day break from working out. If you work your chest one day, work your back the next. You also need to get plenty of sleep. If it is possible, try to take a nap in the middle of the day. This will help you grow greatly.

Gaining muscle is hard work, but can be done quickly if you apply the dedication and the discipline of these three things. You can gain muscle and have that body that others would kill for.

How to Motivate Yourself for Weight Loss

How to Motivate Yourself for Weight Loss

Weight loss is allied with our personality and an activity driven by action. Motivation is an attitude to be accustomed in our daily routine as a part of our desire within our souls which craves for the goal.

To attune a positive mood, our list can include activities like gardening, scheduling an hiking program, reading an inspirational notes, watching an humorous talks.

A meal could be made interesting by decorating our platter with our favorite vegetables and fruits rather than just laying them or tune to your favorite music while having your meal. This will help us to attain self inspiration for weight loss.

Weight Loss

It would be great!! if your exercise is filled with fun, like getting on to the dance floor with your loved ones to your favorite music or by participating in games like swimming or tennis with your neighbors or friends. This would help us how to achieve the optimal weight loss .

Walking is a great activity, it could be in the park or around your house and it’s an excellent method of socializing among your neighborhood and a way to explore the world around you. Accompany your loved ones during your walks this is one of the method of sharing your valuable thoughts or dial a friend to ask whether he/she had a walk and use blogs to update your progress, check my reference.

Everyday tasks like carrying groceries or vigorous housework will can shred out few calories and also save few pennies. It’s great, when we receive comments from our friends and family like”Wow it’s neat and tidy, which rewards our hard work of dusting and cleaning.

Take time to visit hospitals/old age home/Orphan home, this is an excellent mentoring program or we could have an discussion session to share our experience which would enhance our motivation level and theirs as well.

Reward yourself periodically with a massage in the Spa or tuck in a new pair of jogging/running shoes or new outfit. Get acquainted with regular reading about the success stories of the role models which may focus on your fitness regimen.

Weight Loss Motivation

Assert yourself about feeling fit and Healthy and envision the attire you are wearing is fabulous on you. Admire the growth of your healthy, glowing hair, skin and the sparkle in your eyes.

When somebody appreciates on how trim you are, you feel good and happy. Believe yourself that you are standing tall and confident. It’s our pleasure to feel our body’s health and strength.

It’s difficult for a person to be prime at times and cannot punish ourselves for it. If you fail, breathe and come back more concentrated the next day. You will be success, I’m sure of it!

The best example is a toddler, when we observe them; they really work or move hard to get their first step. They will step into first move only by hard falls. It’s awesome when we achieve success through those hard moments.

Motivation is a key to success for keeping us on move and to reach the highest level.

How to Make Medical Equipment Pieces of Art

How to Make Medical Equipment Pieces of Art

Today I will share my personal experience about how I made my life easier with the medical equipment I have to use everyday. Well it is not very difficult if you have a mindset of making things easy around you. Still, it is not easy to accept the fact that you cant live normally without the help of the medical equipment. However, let me share my experience: Having to use a wheelchair, crutches, or a walker can be very disheartening to the soul. I am currently on supplemental oxygen for an illness and am absolutely disgruntled about dragging the oxygen tank behind me. People seem afraid to say hello, and if they do it’sabout the death and dying thing. I am going to recover and not need to drag the tank, but there are many others who are not so fortunate. I came up with an idea to make medical equipment a conversation piece about laughter opposed to the usual pity and despair scenario, click this over here now.

With a little paint and imagination, crutches, oxygen tanks, wheelchairs, walkers etc. can be transposed into works of art. I was on crutches a few years ago, and did just that. I painted the crutches to make them not so boring and unwanted. I received so many compliments on the work, that I thought I’d pass along the tip.

Make Medical Equipment Pieces

It is a simple process, and does not take an artist to accomplish the task. I used outdoor spray paint for the bottom coat. Then, I used acrylic art paint, and with a brush, painted patterns on the crutches. After all the paint dried, I sprayed a paint sealer on the crutches to waterproof.

For oxygen tanks, why not decorate for the holidays? Simply add a plastic spider and it’s BOO for all that sees you, or a Santa hat to say Merry Christmas. It just takes a little imagination to bring smiles to your face and others. Children will especially appreciate the creativity, and find their dependence on medical assistance devices not so dreadful. Stickers could also be applied to equipment, bringing smiles to the faces of children.

In conclusion, medical equipment is your friend, so my doctor says, so make it as pleasant of an experience as you can. Be creative and bring joy to lives. Children will appreciate the art, especially if they are destined to use a wheelchair or walker for long term use. A simple art project can make a world of difference in how it all is perceived by the user as well as society. Happy Painting!!!!

Concord & Bangle Watches

Concord & Bangle Watches

Since the beginning of the 20th century, Concord watches have been manufactured in Switzerland to exacting standards. The craftsmanship that produces these fine designer watches has led to innovations in watch making, as well as some of the most creative designs seen in modern timepieces. Concord specializes in the watch as jewelry, and often uses precious gems to achieve an elegant look.

Concord Watches Express Elegance

Concord Watches Express Elegance

The Concord watch has been in demand among those who appreciate one-of-a-kind design and quality craftsmanship. U.S. Presidents have been giving Concord timepieces to heads-of-state for decades. They are often given as gifts to mark important events. The elegant designs and thin profiles of the watches in the Concord collections make them versatile for formal and casual occasions.

In 1980, Concord introduced the thinnest watch ever made, the Delirium IV. At 1mm thickness, it is still the world’s slimmest profile watch. The Concord tradition of master craftsmanship is also exemplified in the Haute Horlogerie and the Exor, which are hand-made pieces of exceptional value and beauty. They feature skeletonized cases in which one can see the movements of the mechanisms. The La Scala collection contains a variety of elegant styles for both men and women.

All Concord watches are made with surgical stainless steel or solid gold, fine Swiss quartz movement and a sapphire crystal. They are hand-polished and pressure-tested to ensure that provide many years of elegant beauty and accurate time keeping. For those who appreciate precision and quality, Concord watches are a wise investment.

Bangle Watches

Bangle watches have become increasingly popular in recent years, as women have started to recognize wrist watches as fashion accessories. No longer confined to the dull, restrictive options of yesteryear, women can now choose from an astounding array of timepieces. The result is that most women have more than one watch, with different styles being used in different settings.

Very few people rely on only a single watch anymore. It is a lot to ask of a timepiece to work equally well at the beach and in the ballroom. Both in terms of aesthetics and mechanical function, we need different watches for different jobs.

New Trends in Bangle Watches

New Trends in Bangle Watches

These days, most people have a sport watch and a dress watch, and use these two items to cover basic needs. However, as watches become recognized as fashion accessories, design options have expanded and prices have dropped. This in turn, has allowed people greater flexibility to customize their watch selection further. Bangle watches have become quite popular in this regard. Somewhere between a sport watch and a dress watch, they are among the more versatile options. Most lines of bangle watches are quite extensive, including both sporty and upscale designs, and are offered at prices that are lower than traditional watches.

A Short Guide to Spinal Decompression

A Short Guide to Spinal Decompression

People who are suffering from back pain commonly complain of having a pinched nerve, or some feeling of tightness in the area where it hurts. This tightness is usually attributed to holding your body to a bad position while sleeping, a poor posture due to sitting down in front of a desk while working, or it could be an injury from a sport or any other physical activity.

Many believe that the reasons mentioned above are the causes for their bodies being misaligned, especially the spine, which in turn would cause the back pain. Based on this reasoning, one of the things that people have thought of in order to keep the pain away would be to fix the alignment of the spine through various techniques.

One of the methods that people have come up with to be able to fix this would be through Spinal Decompression therapy.

What is Spinal Decompression? Simply put, spinal decompression therapy is a technique where in medical equipment are used in order to “decompress the spine”. This decompression would help align the body so that the pressure that is being applied on the nerves would be able to lessen and blood and oxygen would be able to flow better in the area.

How is Spinal Decompression Accomplished? There are actually various ways for people to get spinal decompression treatment. Examples of which would be Inversion Therapy, manual distraction, and mechanical pelvic traction. Let us look at each of these examples and see how they decompress your spine.

Inversion Therapy: Inversion therapy involves hanging a person upside down or at an inverted angle with the intention of bringing about therapeutic benefits all over the body, know more, especially your back. They would use either inversion beds or hanging boots to be able to hang you upside down.

The main thrust of inversion therapy is that it would use gravity while you are upside down, to counter the effects of gravity when you are standing normally.

Manual Distraction: Manual distraction is a therapy where your spine is decompressed manually. This means a therapist would use his fingers to pull the spine into its proper positions.

Note that in the hands of an expert, manual distraction may be very effective for your back pain. However, if you encounter someone who is not as skilled, then it may not be good enough and may even cause some complications.

Mechanical Pelvic Traction: This is the most common form of spinal decompression that is being done today. Someone who will do mechanical pelvic traction can expect to a couple of harnesses – one for your chest and one for your hips, The other end of these harnesses would then be attached to machines which would then try to pull it apart.

Mechanical Pelvic Traction

This is usually computerized, and the strength of the pull is determined by your body weight as well as the number of visits that you have previously done.

Is it effective? Many who have undergone Spinal Decompression therapy have reportedly felt immediate results. They say that they have experienced fewer back pains and are generally able to move better.

With that said, some people are still scared to participate in such an activity because the spine is so critical. For these people, they may be better off with doing other activities that do not apply direct pressure or strain on their spines.

Smash Hit Cannibal Police Comic Reviewed

Chew – Smash Hit Cannibal Police Comic Reviewed: New series from Image Comics tackles food, crime and all inbetween

Chew, the new comic by John Layman and Rob Guillory from Image Comics, launched in June 2009. As well as critical acclaim, it became an unexpected commercial success.

In the modern American comics industry, it’s become hard for series that are not about a well-established superhero character to make much of an impact. So for an oddball crime series, by two relatively unknown creators, the temptation is there to write it off immediately as a project destined to be a cult success at best.

Such was the case when the new series Chew was initially announced. The writer, John Layman, had only a few prior projects, artist Rob Guillory was virtually unknown and the series was to come from Image, the ‘third place’ publisher in comics. But those who wrote the series off would find themselves eating their words when Chew became one of the big comic book successes of the year so far.

Chew, The Comic

Chew, The Comic

The story of Chew centres around Tony Chu, a Philadelphia cop who is also a cibopath. This strange ability allows him to psychically know the history of any object which he eats. As the first few pages make clear, this means that when he eats fruit, he finds out all the details about its growth, or he can eat meat and get an unwanted insight into modern methods of slaughtering animals. Shortly later, in the process of a murder investigation, Chu finds a use for this ability that takes him down a rather dark path.

The series could be unrelentingly depressing, as the main character eats parts of homicide victims in his bid for justice, but its saved from that fate partly by a regular stream of black humour, but mostly by the art of Rob Guillory. The tone he’s chosen for Chew is pitch-perfect, an exaggerated style that conveys a sense of fun, but loses none of the more unpleasant moments, more helpful hints.

As well as its combination of police procedural and outright strangeness, Chew seems to be about food as a broader concept. In a later issue, Chu meets a food critic who is also a saboscrivner, meaning when she writes about food, the reader gets the actual sensation of eating the meal in question. These myriad ideas on a theme combine to make Chew not just a good comic, but one of the most original around.

Chew, The Release and Success Story

In the months leading up to the release of Chew, the creators tried to get the word out there, through personal blogs, message boards and interviews with comic book news sites. Right up until the week of release, though, buzz was good but not yet exceptional. But then the reviews started to pour in, and they were positive. Very positive, in fact.

Influential website IGN.COM commented in their review that “after only one issue, it might be [their] favourite book on the stands”, and the praise was no less forthcoming from other sites. COMIX411.COM declared it “refreshing, thought-provoking and entirely entertaining”, The Comic Addiction website called it “a true gem”, and there were many more. With this critical mass of positivity, and more grass roots publicity, the series sold out at high speed.

Like most comics, Chew was printed to order, and with expectations small, orders from comic shops were similarly conservative. So when readers saw the swamp of online praise, they went out to find their own copies, and the few that existed disappeared. The first issue was reprinted a month later, to coincide with the release of the second, only for both of those print runs to also dissolve away. Image Comics, enthused by this success, reprinted the whole first issue in the back of their biggest selling series, The Walking Dead, to try and expose the material to as many potential readers as possible.

The Future Menu

At the time of writing, in mid-August, a third printing of the first issue, along with a second printing of the second issue and the first printing of the third, have all sold out once again. eBay prices for the first editions of early issues have been alarmingly high.

So, with new printings of all issues on the way to coincide with the upcoming fourth, Chew is a comic well worth taste-testing. Both the writing and the art offer a unique flavour that’s rarely seen in comics, or possibly even anywhere.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Bootable USB Stick

Advantages And Disadvantages of Bootable USB Stick

Every computer user should be able to know the big warning on having bootable devices that will start up the PC in the event that the operating system malfunctions or would not make the PC start. Yes, the computer starts with an operating system which could unluckily fail anytime. When this happens, you still have a chance to make your PC functional. You can do so with a bootable USB that has an OS stored in it.

When the use of the computer was first recognized by the now-tech savvy people, their first lesson was to have a bootable OS ready in the event that the computer fails to boot. This OS is saved in a fluffy disk. Then, during the era of the compact disks (CDs) the fluffy disks were displaced and the bootable OS used to be stored in a CD. But the CD is cumbersome to carry along with the laptop or netbook as some of these compact computing devices do not have a CD drive. The flash drive was invented and today, computer users have these for data back-up storage. The bootable CDs soon were displaced by the bootable USB flash stick or key.

With the features of USB, the compactness, the bigger storage capacity and the cheaper price, it became more convenient to use a USB flash drive in lieu of the CD or DVD. Here is how you can have an ever ready bootable USB operating system.

Booting from a bootable USB

Booting from a bootable USB

How do you start your PC with a bootable USB flash stick or key? You will have to insert your bootable USB in the USB drive of your computer. You can start or restart your computing device; you are required to goto the booting menu. From the menu, click the USB option.

Actually this process is almost similar if you were to use the old bootable optical device, hard drive or CD. Your storage device will have a boot sector from which the BIOS will generate the data to be used for the booting. The difference when using the bootable device is that this tool installs the open source bootloader known as SYSLINUX.

Using bootable USB – advantages

Our computer geeks have never stopped improvising and innovating technologies. And the USB flash drives, sticks or keys were invented to replace the old CDs that were normally used for data back-up storage, including the bootable OS. The new bootable USB demonstrated ultra-convenience when used. It is so small and more portable than the CD. You can just place it in your pocket without being too concerned that it may get damaged. There is no danger of scratches as there would be in the CD. What could be even more advantageous is that it is faster to load data when you are using flash drives such that if becomes faster to boot your PC with a bootable USB stick. Majority of computer users opt for the netbooks for convenience. However, most of the models of these PCs do not have a CD drive such that the bootable CD would not be of any use for a non-booting netbook. In as much that all netbooks have USB ports, then it is possible to install your OS through the use of bootable USB sticks or keys.

Disadvantages in the use of bootable USB

Disadvantages in the use of bootable USB

Despite the practicality and convenience of using the bootable USB stick or key, it is never free from any drawback. The USB is too hardware dependent. This negative aspect shows the dependent on the BIOS, motherboard and model of flash drive. This will have to match with your bootable USB stick. There are known instances when the bootable USB drive works in one PC but does not do well with another laptop. The bootable USB then is sometimes selective so you have to be sure that your USB is compatible with your computer hardware. This gives the advantage to bootable CDs which can be used in almost any PC that has a CD drive.

Any computer user should always have a back-up for his data. These are now stored in USB drives. Choosing a USB stick with larger storage capacity will enable you to make room for a bootable USB that will rescue you when the OS in your hard drive malfunctions. The non-booting of the hard drive seldom happens, but it may so it is still paramount to keep a bootable USB device handy at all times.

Can Capsinoids Boost Fat Burning

Can Capsinoids Boost Fat Burning?

Is there a natural way to boost fat burning? The answer doesn’t die with dangerous diet pills and supplements that elevate the heart rate, blood pressure, and increase the risk of stroke. Could there a safe, all-natural way to boost fat metabolism? Some studies show that green tea extract slightly boosts fat burning. Now, a new study shows that compounds found in sweet peppers called capsinoids may also boost fat metabolism.

The Thermogenic Effects of Capsinoids

Many people confuse capsinoids with an ingredient in hot peppers called capsaicin – another compound that has metabolism boosting potential. Capsaicin is the ingredient that gives hot peppers their kick. Unlike capsaicin, capsinoids are found in sweet peppers and lack the tongue-burning heat of capsaicin, discover more.

The Thermogenic Effects of Capsinoids

Capsinoids to Boost Fat Metabolism

In a study published in the journal Nutrition and Metabolism, researchers looked at the thermogenic effects of capsinoids in sweet peppers. To do this, they gave twelve young men either capsinoids or a placebo and measured the effect it had on fat metabolism both at rest and after ninety minutes of moderate- intensity exercise.

The results? The men who took capsinoids had twenty percent greater energy expenditure at rest than men who took a placebo. The researchers also found lower levels of fatty acids in their blood stream, suggesting that the capsinoid group used more fat for fuel. They found thermogenic effects at rest – no further increase in fat burning with exercise.

How Do Capsinoids Boost Fat Burning?

Capsinoids boost levels of norepinephrine in the blood stream, a fat-burning hormone that breaks down fat stores when it binds to receptors on fat cells. Norepinephrine is a hormone that increases with exercise to help break down fat for the body to use as fuel. This probably accounts for much of its fat-burning capabilities. Why didn’t capsinoids further boost fat burning with exercise? Probably because he body is already producing large amounts of norepinephrine to fuel muscle movement ‘” and the receptors are saturated. Thus, capsinoids are most important for boosting fat metabolism at rest.

Capsinoids to Boost Fat Metabolism: The Bottom Line?

Capsinoids to Boost Fat Metabolism

Capsinoids have a favorable side effect profile, and have no serious side effects. Some companies have started to carry them in supplement form, but they’re expensive. Unfortunately, its unlikely eating sweet peppers would have the same benefits as the supplement since you’d need to eat too many peppers. This is one supplement that could offer some benefit without significant side effects. It’ll be interesting to see what future studies show.

High Impact Sports Associated with Knee Injury

High Impact Sports Associated with Knee Injury

Millions of people engage in running, jogging and walking as form of health exercise. Vigorous exercise has been found to have multiple health benefits including weight loss, prevention of heart disease, therapeutic for diabetes, and to decrease stress symptoms. Still others do these to compete in marathons and other sports events, get more inf. A common cause for emergencies and chronic pain experienced by health buffs and athletes engaged in these activities is knee injury.

The knee is hinge joint that helps propels the body in moving forward, backward, upward and laterally. It absorbs a lot of forces of movement during running, walking, jogging and jumping. Since it also aids in the support of the weight of the body during motion and at rest it is often exposed to the risk of overuse injuries. Although there are different types of injuries that can happen to the knee, overuse injury is most common to runners, joggers and marathon athletes. Other high impact sports that can strain the knee joints are badminton, volleyball, basketball, soccer and other activities that may involve constant running and jumping.

What are Overuse Knee Injuries?

What are Overuse Knee Injuries

Knee injury that results from constant use or repetitive motions such as running, especially in distance running or marathons are classified as overuse injuries. They are usually caused by structural or postural imbalances that predispose the knee to deal with unequal force distribution in the legs so that the stress is absorbed by one knee more than the other. After a long exposure to such stress the knee may suffer from a worn out knee cartilage which may cause extreme pain and limitation of movement.

What Risk Factors Influence Overuse Knee Injury?

Anatomic factors may influence unequal weight distribution or imbalance of forces on the knees such as:

  • Unequal leg length
  • Hip joint misalignment
  • High arched feet
  • Poor hamstring (thigh muscle) flexibility
  • Greater body weight

Other non-anatomical factors that can influence knee injury in runners are:

  • Long strides during running
  • Greater weekly mileage
  • Previous history of knee injury

How is Knee Pain Treated?

How is Knee Pain Treated

Overuse injuries may sometimes be difficult to treat because some factors such as those relating to a runner’s anatomy may be difficult to alter, such as the length of a leg or the foot curvature. However, some characteristics like body weight and stride length can definitely be improved.

  • Maintaining a good body mass index (BMI), or overcoming obesity is important in decreasing the load which the knees have to bear during vigorous exercise.
  • Walking, instead or running, may be beneficial in those with previous knee injuries.
  • Exercises to strengthen the hamstring muscles and increase flexibility can help stabilize the knees.
  • Using proper shoes for running, walking or jogging can help improve arch shape and comfort.
  • Chronic knee pain may be treated with medications like nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, steroidal injections and others, as prescribed by a physician
  • Rest
  • Some may require surgery for cartilage repair

Despite the risks associated with running and other vigorous exercises, more benefits may be gained by an individual from exercise and sports activities. Proper training and caution must be observed to avoid knee injury, as well as other sports injuries, since these may sometimes become a cause for chronic pain.

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