Increasing Testosterone Levels

12 Best Habits That Naturally Increase Testosterone Levels – Increasing Testosterone Levels

Testosterone plays a very important role in the healthy functioning of the body. A deficit of testosterone hormone could have detrimental effects on the body that can prove even fatal.The negative effects of low Testosterone levels include

  • Depression
  • Weight Gain
  • Heart Diseases
  • Elevated Cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Low Sex Drive
  • Low libido
  • Cancer

The Low Testosterone Level is something that men hate to suffer. Testosterone replacement therapy or other medications to fight this shortage of testosterone levels is not the right choice most of the time.So a constant look out always is there for the ways to increase Testosterone Level without side effects, check over here.

Fortunately, there are some ways to naturally increase testosterone levels of Testosterone in your body.

Habits That Naturally Boost Testosterone Levels

Habits That Naturally Boost Testosterone Levels

1. Eating Right:

Eating right food at right time is the first and foremost.Definitely, diet is the one important thing that can greatly influence your Testosterone concentrations. With some alterations in your daily eating habits, you will be able to yield the optimum levels of Testosterone in your body.

It is essential for you to know what kinds of foods are good for your T health and what food items to avoid.

2. Healthy Fat Diet

Healthy fats in your diet are one good option for you.The healthy fats that can increase the testosterone levels are Saturated Fats, Omega- 3 fatty acids and monounsaturated fats. These types of fats are scientifically proven to boost the Testosterone levels in men. The rich sources of good fats include coconut oil, raw, fermented dairy products, fish oil, walnuts, avocados etc. The introduction of these sources of fats in your diet will boost up your T levels.

3. Optimal Protein , Calorie & High-Carbs Diet

An optimal amount of dietary protein intake is good to maintain testosterone levels.But consumption of dietary nutrients (protein) in high quantity may lower T concentrations by raising cortisol(stress hormone) levels.Protein is required but only in optimum Quantities.Similarly,we need to take enough calories to fuel the processes for hormone production.

Diet low in protein and high in carbs will boost testosterone level and lower cortisol production.

 4. Intermittent Fasting

Have you tried intermittent fasting ever?  You can try this occasionally to boost up your T levels.

According to studies, intermittent fasting can increase the T levels by 200 or even 400 folds. The fact is, keeping rest between the meals can help your liver to relax.  Liver is the major organ to balance the hormones, especially testosterone.

5. Liver Detoxification

As mentioned above, liver is the most important organ that can balance the testosterone.It is really important for you to make your liver function properly. As per a study published in the Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, The serum T levels drop in persons suffering from the cirrhosis. So trying liver detoxification with the foods and drinks can help to boost T levels.

Best Habits That Naturally Increase Testosterone Levels

6. Cut Back Your Sugar Bars

To normalize Testosterone levels kick your sugar habits. Dietary sugar is also one important thing that is impacting your testosterone levels. So limit the sugar consumption to see better results in testosterone levels.

7. Relax Like a Pro:

Men, mind that stress is your Testosterone killer. If you are dealing with stress, frustration, un-forgiveness, anger issues, and then you are destroying your sex drive. So relax and reduce stress if you want to maintain your testosterone concentrations. You can relax by yoga & meditation, listening to music, watching an interesting movie or by anything that you love to do.

8. Get Quality Sleep

When you are not getting the adequate sleep your hormones levels will come down, especially testosterone. Make sufficient sleep top priority if you want to increase T levels. The human body needs almost 8 hours of sleep every day. So ideally, you need to sleep 8 to 9 hours for optimal hormone balance.

9. Manage Your Weight

Weight is another factor that has negative impacts on your T levels. This is perhaps the most important thing to maintain your weight that is recommended for your height and age. If you want high testosterone levels then you need to maintain your body fat percentage optimal, approximately in between 8-14%.

Also, studies show that body posture can impact t levels.High power-posing decreases stress hormone cortisol and in turn increase testosterone.

10. Go Physical

Adding physical activity to your life is another major factor that can help to boost the T levels. Ranging from light walking to the body weight lifting are some physical exercises that you can try in order to boost your Testosterone. You do not need to be that gym rat, instead, does  3 to 4 workouts per week to maintain your body’s T levels. You can also do light cardio workouts for the same purpose.

11. Take Cold Shower

Taking an ice cold shower or the so called, “James Bond Shower” can help you to boost your T levels. Besides boosting testosterone significantly, you can get increased blood flow, faster and elevated metabolism.

12. Limit Alcohol Consumption

Consumption of alcohol seems to be in trend all around the world even though all know its health hazards. Alcohol is also a major Testosterone killer. Besides lowering your testosterone, it also lowers your sleep quality thereby giving you stress and, limit the alcohol intake.