Top 10 Infrared Heaters

Top 10 Infrared Heaters

Some of the best little heaters only use a small space and are even hearty enough to keep a place warm for two people. Most people use them in their bathrooms, because a cold bathroom is the worst thing early in the morning. Especially if you want to take a hot shower, then you don’t really want to step out into a cold room. Below are the top ten we’ve found to be the best infrared heaters on the market today, know more. No matter what type of heat you choose for your home, always be careful with space heaters as they can tip over and become very hot on the surface. Make sure you purchase one that has a shut off if there is an uneven area that the implement is placed on. Only run your space heaters at intervals and keep an eye on where it is sitting, especially if there are pets or children around the house. Most of all stay warm!

1. Optimus H-5210 Infrared Quartz – this one is around 30.00 and heats up quickly. The grill can be hot though, so watch out when moving it around.

Infrared Heaters

2. Soleus HGW-308r – quiet, energy saving and can heat up an area quickly. It sells for around $100.

3. EdenPure – great heaters, although they are going to run higher than most. Anywhere from $200-300.00.

4. Outdoor /Great room Infrared Heater – This one will heat a much larger space for a larger price tag – $347.00

5. Empire SR10 vent free infrared gas heater – this one will run you around $200.00

6. Telescoping Infrared Patio Heater – offers a 9 foot blanket of heat for the patio when there is a chill outside and all for a mere $300.00.

7. Desa International GWRN10 Infra-Red Wall Mounted – gas, efficient and reliable and costs around $100.00

8. Mr. Heater MH42T – A propane heater.

9. Single tank top infrared heater – Another propane heater for around $70.00

10. Propane Infrared Heater