Lose Weight

Lose Weight

There were more than 100 million obese Americans by the end of the 20th century and the 21st century has seen a further explosion in the number of obese people in America.

Obese people not only lose on the physical appearance, but also have these problems:

1. Diseases related to the heart.
2. Diabetes and hence, gangrene as well as blindness.
3. All types of Cancer.
4. Arthritis and such other disease of the bones.
5. High Blood pressure.

The only formula to stop all these problems is to lose weight.

The results that the quick weight loss programs provide are not good enough and they do not last long.

Hence, you will have to switch to healthy weight loss programs that will help you in permanent weight loss. They will even save your money that you spend on all those pills, those operations as well as those books from the so called experts.

Here are some of my best tips that will help you save your money spent on the above mentioned things as well as will help you in losing weight.

Don't go on a diet

1. Don’t go on a diet.

Yes, you have read it right and there is not spelling mistake here. The best way to lose weight is to stop starving. When you go on a diet, the fat in your belly area will be used up in the few initial days, but the results will be temporary as your body will now strive hard to get energy and hence will use proteins instead of the carbohydrates that you are depriving it of. This will stop your growth. Moreover, you will also become fatter as your body will try to save the slightest amount of fat that it receives for future use and this will make you fatter.

2. Never skip the breakfast.

The breakfast is really the most important meal of your whole day as this meal helps your body to burn fat.

3. Stop those 3 happy meals and take 5 small meals daily.

If you eat 4 to 5 times a day instead of that 3 times a day, you will stop yourself from eating more than that is required resulting in less accumulation of fat in your body.

Throw away that laziness if you want to lose weight

4. Drink six to seven glasses of water everyday.

Water is very necessary for your body and I hope you know it, water also helps in weight loss and it helps in faster digestion and acts as a catalyst to weight loss, look at more info.

5. Throw away that laziness if you want to lose weight.

6. Exercise at least for 15 to 30 minutes per day, even if that is in the way of swimming, brisk walking or a nice work out in the gym. Take the stairs instead of elevators for a walk of around 4 floors.

7. Keep a check on your daily fat intake.

Never eat too much of fat and read it properly. It is “Too much of fat”. A small amount of fat is very much required for your heart to be healthy.
Try these and you will surely see results.