What Type Of Mask Is Good For Air Pollution

What Type Of Mask Is Good For Air Pollution?

By considering the increase in pollution and unhealthy fumes, it is important to get a good pollution mask. As you know, your health is the priority, so it is important for you to know which pollution mask is better for you that filters out the bad particles and helps you to maintain better health. There is lots of pollution masks are available in the market these days and you need to make proper research to find the one best for you.

What are the Different Types of Air Pollution Masks?

Whenever you go to buy pollution masks in the market, then you can have a lot of options there that can make it difficult for you to find the one best among them. Here are some of the types of air pollution masks that can help you to make the right buying decision:


N95 is one of the most widely used pollution masks because it can remove the non-oily allergens. It is effective against the bacteria and the dust but ineffective in the oily environment. This type of masks is generally used in labs, hospitals, and morgues. Apart from this, the road traffic controllers also wear N95 masks that help them to shield themselves from the vehicular emission. These masks are reusable and washable which makes them convenient to use.

N99 and N100 masks

N99 and N100 masks

The N99 and N100 masks are generally more powerful than the N95 masks. The N99 masks are not resistant to oil and cannot be used in greasy environments. The N100 masks are generally hard to find because they are used in the industrial area and do not sell commercially. These marks are available in all sizes and used in the healthcare and industrial facilities.

P95 masks

P95 masks generally intercept both non-oil based and oil based impurities. They are excellent for an oily environment like refineries, kitchens, gas stations, and factories processing oil and fried food. These masks can remove air pollutants and designed to keep out the grease. Some of these masks also have the additional activated carbon layer used for the filtering odors.

Air purification motion mask

The air purification motion masks is an ideal choice for the physical exercise, it can be worn on the jogs and run and while playing the outdoor sports. The built-in fans of these air purification motion masks can rotate the air faster and provide filtered air.

Totobobo Mask

The totobobo mask is the one customizable air pollution mask. It can easily reshape and trimmed according to the contours of your face. These masks can prevent the outside air from leaking in and you can easily resize the mask that fit your face.

Totobobo Mask

With the help of this information, it becomes easy and convenient for you to find the best type of air pollution masks that fit well with your needs and requirements. It is also beneficial for you to make proper research at a site like marketwatch.com/press-release/safe-mask-review—does-it-really-protect-you-2020-03-03 that can help you to find the best pollution mask for you in a convenient way.