What Is The Cause Of Addiction?

What Is The Cause Of Addiction?

Almost everyone in the world has some kind of addiction whether it is consuming the substances such as heroin or behavioral addition such as eating too much and gambling for a long time. However, many people consider the addiction only refer to substances and dependence. Actually, addiction is the physical and psychological inability to stop consuming the drug, chemical, substance, and activity though it is causing physical and psychological harm. It is a chronic disease, which result from taking medications.

Whenever a person experiences addiction, they cannot able to control themselves from using the substance and participating in the particular activity. This thing makes them feel hard to cope with daily life. Addiction brings so much of health and mental hazardous for the addicted person. If you want to come out of the addiction or help your loved one, then reach out firststepbh.com, which gives the space for the addicted people to get recovery from their addiction. Before speaking about the rehab center, let’s speak about the causes of the addiction.

Reasons for Addiction

Addiction is the complex mental condition, which results from number of environmental, biological, and developmental factors. Below mentioned are the major causes of the addiction.


When it comes to decide whether to use alcohol or drug, people always make their own choices. This initial choice generally relates to the personal responsibility. However, if the person has started to use alcohol or drug, the major contributing factor for his addiction is genetics. According to the recent research, an individual genetic makeup affects the person greatly to develop addiction. According to the report of National Institute on Drug Abuse, about 40-60percent of the person’s are at the risk of developing addiction based on their genetics.

Family History of Addiction

Genetics is not only the major way in which family and background contribute much to the addiction development. The history of alcohol and drug abuse in your family will develop the alcohol and drug problems in other family members. Watching the family members struggling a lot with the addiction cycles and attempts to quite using alcohol/drugs can consciously or subconsciously affects the person’s decision to bring using drugs. It means the environmental factors and other biological factors such as mental and physical health disorders affect the person largely.

Peer Pressure

The major environmental contributor for developing the addiction is individual’s friends and social circle who engage in the regular use of substance. When a person feels pressured to access alcohol or drugs by their friends, they start that habit, which may result in the substance abuse. Sometimes, it becomes an addiction and unable to recover from that activity. It is always better to stay away from those friends circle. It affects the individual life greatly and loses their concentration on the social and physical activity.

Occurrence of Mental Conditions

Occurrence of Mental Conditions

Apart from these, plenty of other cases are behind the addiction such as experimentation with the substance use at a very young age. It does not matter, whatever reason makes you addicted, visit firststepbh.com to get rid of that addiction easily and quickly.