Uses for a Magnetic Knife Bar

Uses for a Magnetic Knife Bar

If you have recently purchased a new knife set or a new kitchen utensil set, you may have one too many magnetic knife bars. You know, the metal bar that is about 20 inches long and about 2 inches wide that you can simply put the knives on. This knife holder is very handy as it can be put up high enough that little fingers or even big fingers will not get cut if they are digging around in the kitchen drawer looking for a spatula or a dipper. But, a kitchen only needs so many of these handy little items, so what can you do with the extras?

extra metal magnetic knife

There are several things that an extra metal magnetic knife bar can be used for around the house or the rv. They can be fishing lure organizers, tool holders, sewing box organizers or even a medicine chest organizer to name a few.

A fishing lure organizer would be easy to create using a magnetic knife bar. All you would have to do is mount the knife bar inside your tackle box then place the hook side of the lure on the magnetic bar. This will help keep you from getting stuck in the finger by a hook on one of these lures.

A tool holder or organizer is another use for a magnetic knife bar. Like in the tackle box, mount the magnetic knife bar inside the tool box if it is large enough or you can attach the magnetic knife bar on the wall of your workshop area. Then simply place the tools you want to store there on the magnetic bar.

If you need a sewing box organizer, use a magnetic knife bar. Mount the magnetic bar inside the sewing box. Now you can put scissors and needles as well as pins on it to keep them where you can find them easily and will help keep your fingers from getting poked by the needles and pins, visit this link:

In the bathroom, a magnetic knife bar can be used to store fingernail clippers, scissors and tweezers. With these items placed on the magnetic bar they will be easy to find and up out of the way, no simply placed on the bathroom counter.

magnetic knife bar can be used to store

There are many other uses for a magnetic bar the size of these that are used to hold knives in a kitchen. These are just a few of them, but I bet you can think of other uses. Add them below if you do not mind.