Telsmith Cone Crusher Parts

Telsmith Cone Crusher Parts

We all have heard about mining and knew that in mining the digging work is done. But do you know what kind of machine is used there and what are the parts of these machines? Today in this article we will talk about one of the very important machines used in mining and in some other similar field that is Cone Crusher. We will also try to know some main Telsmith Cone Crusher parts in brief.

Cone crusher

There are many types of machines used in mining and in some other industries just like mining. The Cone crusher is one of those machines. This machine is used to break the stones and some other hard material in fine pieces. This machine is also called the secondary machine as it is used after the input material is first broken into some pieces with the help of a jaw crusher which is also known as the primary crusher. There are many parts of the cone crusher with the help of which the whole machine is operated. Some of those main parts have been discussed below.

Main shaft and countershaft

Main shaft and countershaft

There are two types of shafts used in the structure of the cone crusher. The first shaft is the Main shaft which is fixed in the structure vertically. On this main shaft, there are many different parts attached and one of those parts is Mantle. The other shaft used in this structure is called a countershaft. This shaft is situated in a horizontal position. One end of this countershaft is attached to the main shaft with the help of pinion. As the pinion rotates, the main shaft also moves. To rotate the pinion, one drive pulley is attached at the other end of the countershaft. With the help of this pulley, the countershaft is rotated which further rotates the whole main shaft. This drive pulley is attached to a motor. With the help of the motor, the pulley is rotated which actually starts the machine to work.


The mantle is situated at the top of the main shaft. This mantle is in the size of a cone with a pointed side up and a flat circular side on the main shaft.


Above you got to know about the mantle. The whole part of the mantle is surrounded by one structure which covers the mantle from sides and surrounding. The material which is to be crushed is poured between the gap of the mantle and the concave.

Wedge ring

Wedge rings are also a crucial part of the cone crusher. It is situated on the side of the main shaft. There are many functionalities of this wedge ring in the cone crusher. One of the main functions is to control the movement of the whole machine and adjust the gaps between the mantle and concave.


Above you got to know some very important info about some parts of the cone crusher. However, if you want to know about all parts in some more detail, you may search on the web and can find them very easily.