ILuv 353s Headphones

Review: ILuv 353s (jWIN 353BLK) Headphones

While shopping for headphones one afternoon, I ran across the iLuv 353s (jWIN 353BLK) in the headphone section of an electronic superstore. I had purchased a pair of Sennheiser CX300s a few weeks ago, but the sound drivers rusted out and started to crack and eventually died, so I dug my old, over-the-ear, studio-style Sony MDR-v150s out of the closet.

I wasn’t nearly impressed with the iLuvs as I was with my Sennheisers. Both pair are the in-ear style headphones. They both isolate sound and keep music leakage from being heard by others. Their appearance is just about the same for that style of headphones. The iLuvs included a volume gauge on the cord which is something most headphones come with now to turn volume up or down. Its good to have that new feature so volume can be reached quickly and easily, more helpful hints.

One good quality for such a cheap set of headphones was the sound. I didn’t expect the concert sound that they packed since they were only $20. They had power sort of like the older, studio-style Sony headphones. For being the least expensive ones on the shelf, they had power compared to the expensive ones.


These headphones are powerful, but, it eventually got to a point to where I hated them.

These headphones irritated my ears to where I couldn’t stand to use them. Just getting them to fit right made me forget all about the sound quality they possessed. That defeated the whole purpose simply because after a few minutes, I wanted to snatch them back out. They were poorly engineered because you cannot depend on them to stay put. Even when sitting still they slide out, over and over. There was no hope for keeping them in while moving around. Even the slightest move and one of them was falling right out. If you want them to stay in then you are going to have to hold them in with your hands. That will quickly get one anyone’s nerves. I couldn’t do anything else with either one of my hands and it didn’t look right to people who noticed. The older Sonys were heavier and completely outdated but I ended up using them again.

The bottom line with the iLuv 353s (jWIN 353BLK) headphones is simply you spending $20 for looks. They come with all the modern features to be complemented, however, being comfortable and fashionable at the same time is priceless.