How to Use a Nail Clipper

How to Use a Nail Clipper?

The pair of nail clippers on hand can keep you from being pestered by a hanging or broken nail. Nail clippers have come in a different variety of styles, sizes, and colors. Fingernail clippers are usually smaller than toenail clippers, because the toenail clippers are a little bit harder. Clippers also come in concave and convex shapes for cutting convenience; this shape is used to cut your nails safely. When you try to cut your nails you shout press the nail clipper, after clipping the nail release the nail clipper. Most styles of nail clippers have the same basic features, but there are little bit changes occurred, a lever for managing pressure, and a file.

Use a Nail Clipper

When you are using the metal clipper raise the lever and turn it in a circular motion 180 degrees, then lower the lever again toward the base of the clippers. After that, you will be pointing at a 45-degree angle from the rest of the nail clippers. Hold the nail clippers in your right hand with your thumb and that on the lever and the base resting against your index finger if you’re right-handed. If using clippers with a pliers-style handle, hold the two handles in the palm of your hand and wrap your fingers around them so that you have a comfortable grip that allows you to squeeze the handles together without slipping.

Place the head, where the cutting blades are located, around the fingernail or toenail you intend to cut. Do not place the cutting edges too close to your nail or eyes, where the nail and your skin connect. Use your nail cutter in minimum distance, or take away from your eyes it may affect your eyes. Apply pressure on the lever or handles by using your thumb finger, being careful that the head of the clippers remains in place. Continue this work until the head cuts completely through the nail.

For wider nails, after the first cut move the head to the edge and finish cutting the nail until it is completely removed. Use the file included on the clippers to smooth any overly rough spots left by the nail clipper, after clipping activity. Rotate the nail clipper to 180 degrees you can see the trimmer, which is used to trim your nails. This will be best to trim your nails when you feel uncomfortable in your nails. When you are trying to use file, turn the file 180 degrees so that it protrudes out of the back of the clipper ensemble and close the lever.

After completed trimming your nails at home, thoroughly wash hands and cleanse nail tools like clippers with anti-bacterial soap and warm water. Allow nail clippers to completely dry after use, because it may affect your nails at the next use. These are the tips and tricks which are used to make your nails better and beauties. When you try this way you can protect yourself from nail clipper or cutter. To know more info click here

How to Cut Gel Nails

How to Cut Gel Nails

Long, strong, stunningly manicured nails are a dream, and gel nails help to achieve that beauty standard. Though gel nails are not harmful to make nails in different styles, the removal process of the gel does weaken the nail beds. Make some care on your nails and gel nails that can be enjoyed without permanently damaging nail beds, even without a regular trip to the nail salon. Gels can be cared for at home, but a salon visit is a treat from time to time to fresh a manicure.