What Is the Standard Size of A Throw Pillow

What Is the Standard Size of A Throw Pillow?

Buying pillows for your home can be an essential purchasing decision you want to make quite carefully. Switching out throw pillows can be an effective and easy way to decorate your home. Your space can have a whole new feel once you add a few new throw pillows in it. The task of buying throw pillows can be very overwhelming, especially if you are a new buyer. Choosing the right throw pillows certainly needs a little more attention during the buying process.

The first and foremost concern for a buyer will be the size of a throw pillow. It can be overwhelming to know what the standard size of a throw pillow is you can pick. In addition to the size, it can be testing to choose ideal colors of throw pillows.

Moreover, the throw pillows are designed and made to improve comfort to your upholstered furniture pieces. Hence, you can check https://www.pillowbedding.com/how-to-wash-throw-pillows/ right now.  Here are some essential steps you should follow while buying throw pillows for your home:

Standard Size of a Throw Pillow

Standard Size of a Throw Pillow

If you are ready to purchase throw pillows for your sofas, youcan go with 18″ x 18″ and 20″ x 20″ of size. Conversely, you need to use smaller pillows if you have more kids in your home. You can mark 22″ x 22″ as another standard size of the throw pillows when you have larger sofas.

An Effortless Way to Measure The Size Of Throw Pillows

Buying throw pillows can become an overwhelming work if you do not know how to measure the size of a throw pillow. Though people do not consider the size but you have to know how you should go through this process.

Essentially, you need to pick the bottom and top corners of your throw pillow and pull the fabric white tightly. From here, you can estimate the height of your pillow from top to bottom. In addition, you can also determine the edge of the pillow. You can repeat the same steps by grasping the right and left corners of throw pillows.

Color and Pattern

As mentioned, color and pattern would be the most important things you should consider while purchasing the throw pillows. You have to choose the color that can complement the sofa or chair where you will place the pillow. When it comes to the pattern, you can try out bold patterns. If your piece of furniture already has a specific patron, you can go with a solid pillow.


Of course, shape is yet another considerable factor because the throw pillows come in a range of shapes. According to your interest and needs, you can choose from the square, bolster, rectangle, round, and box shapes. Check here for further assistance.

Fillers Used

Fillers Used

When you want to choose the best throw pillows, make sure you pay attention to the fillers. Once you identify the comfort and price, you can determine the fillers. It means you can go with the synthetic fillers as well as the down feathers as per your interest.