Things to Consider When Designing a Facade

There are several important things to consider when designing a façade. These include lighting, structural expression, colour scheme, and herbicides. Let’s review some of them. If you are considering a new facade for your commercial building, there are several things you should keep in mind. These tips will help you choose the right material and design for your building’s façade. Here are a few tips to help you design a building that’ll stand out in your neighborhood.

Decorating house facade. Full Frame Camera and L Glass Used


Before beginning the design process for your building’s facade, you’ll want to consider what areas you’ll be lighting. Whether you’re using accent lights or spotlights, consider the function of the building and the mood you want to create. Here are some tips for lighting a facade:

Structural expression

The primary function of structural expression in architecture is to create facades with inherent visual logic and human comfort. This logic is based on the design and placement of beams, columns, and other structural elements, which define the modules of space and carry loads. The elevation design is an expression of this structure and should work within the framework of the materials chosen. Moreover, the detailing of each material must create an authentic structure.

Colour scheme

When it comes to choosing the colour scheme for a fira dresden, it is important to follow basic rules to avoid making common mistakes. When choosing a colour scheme for a facade, you should start with the main colour of the facade and then work your way down the range to find supplementary shades. Keep in mind that the colour of the roof, windows, gutters and other elements of the facade play a significant role in your selection. You should avoid using shades that are too vibrant or too light, as they will look unnatural and jarring. Also, it is important to consider how much light your facade will receive and what function it will be used for.


Herbicides are substances added to materials in small quantities to impart specific properties. These substances include antioxidants, ultraviolet filters, and flame retardants. Biocides are substances used in agriculture and are regulated by the Biocidal Products Ordinance. Many facade paints and synthetic resin-bound renders contain biocides. The regulations for these substances follow the EU Biocidal Products Directive. They are not harmful to human health but may be used in facade paints to control the growth of invasive species.


When designing a facade, one of the main factors is to consider airtightness. A tight building envelope will reduce condensation and mold, two major causes of structural damage in buildings. Increasing airtightness in buildings also reduces energy costs. Wind load, location and height all determine the amount of air a building can retain. Wind tunnel effects must be considered when clustering high-rise buildings. Here are some tips to help you choose an airtight facade.