Laptop, Notebook and Netbook Product Reviews

Laptop, Notebook and Netbook Product Reviews: Counting Down the Latest Top 10 Laptop Computers for 2009

In the face of hard economic times, electronic technology consumers are looking for the best deals on the market while not wanting to sacrifice quality. If shopping for a new laptop or notebook computer be prepared to be faced with a number of options which can seem quite overwhelming.

With such a hard choice it often helps to check out laptop and notebook reviews on some of the most popular models and products. Below is a laptop review, inspired by reviews from the guys at, counting down the 10 most popular laptops, netbooks and notebook computers among consumers, going into 2009.


10. Coming in at number 10 is the HDX multimedia notebook with a large 18.4 inch widescreen display. It features a touch-sensitive media control panel and amazing speaker system with built-in subwoofer. It can be customized with many features, including a Blu-Ray drive, NVIDIA graphics and tons of ram, making it perfectly suitable for a desktop replacement.

Price: $1699.00

HP Mini 1000

HP Mini 1000

9. The HP Mini notebook is thinner than its former model (Mini-Note 2133) thanks to its smaller hard drive and battery. The size of the keyboard isn’t compromised and it comes with choice of an 8.9 inch or 10.2 inch screen. This model can be built for any budget.

Price: $349.99

Dell Studio 15

Dell Studio 15

8. The Dell Studio 15 makes the list at number eight. This is the more affordable Studio laptop, with a 15 inch widescreen display, Intel Core 2 Duo processor and ATI graphics. Just some of its many other cool features include a backlit keyboard, glossy display, drop-hinge design, slot-loading DVD drive and touch-sensitive buttons.

Price: $749.99

Lenovo ThinkPad T400

Lenovo ThinkPad T400

7. Number seven has an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 2B of ram and an LED backlit 14.1 inch widescreen. Its power saving capabilities allow the notepad to get amazing battery life. The simple, classic (even boring) design reassures users that the Lenovo ThinkPad is about quality and durability over glitz and glam.

Price: $1049.99

Dell Studio XPS 16

6. Number 6 is another model from the Dell Studio series. The Studio XPS 16 is a beautifully designed machine with anodized aluminum and leather accents. The backlit keyboard and 16 inch widescreen only add to its beauty. This laptop is more than just good looks. It runs on the top-of-the-line Centrino 2 processor for ultimate, fast performance. The ATI 512MB graphics delivers amazing videos, games and movies.

Price: $1199.00

Lenovo IdeaPad S10

5. The number five Lenovo IdeaPad is a laptop that is popular for its lightweight portability. Weighing just over 2 and a half pounds and about 1 inch thick, the IdeaPad is easy to tote around. It features an Intel Atom processor and a 10.2 inch display. It has a convenient number of features and an even more convenient price.

Price: $359.99

HP Mini Note

4. Number four is another laptop popular for it’s small size. The HP Mini Note has a VIA C7-M ULV Processor with 1 GB of ram. The Mini Note also features an 8.9 inch widescreen and VIA Chrome 9 graphics. Despite it’s small size its very attractive, durable and user-friendly. Weighing just over two and a half pounds it’s extremely lightweight and portable.

Price: $349.96

Dell Inspiron Mini 9

3. The number three spot is held by the tiny Dell Inspiron Mini 9. It can run on Windows XP or Ubuntu Linux operating system. It has a 8.9 inch mini screen and up to 1 GB of ram. The Mini is powered by an Intel Atom Processor which offers power saving modes .With an 8 GB flash drive the mini can work run quietly and provide fast storage.

Price: $429.99

HP Pavilion dv5t

2. The number two spot goes to the HP Pavilion dv5t notebook with its Intel Core Duo Processor and possible 2GB ram. You’ll be sure to get great screen resolution on the available large 15.4 inch BrightView widescreen and NVIDIA GeForce Go graphics card. It has a beautiful design and offers tons of features for the cost, including built-in webcam, wireless and Bluetooth.

Price: $1099.99

Acer Aspire One

Acer Aspire One

1. Acer Aspire One is currently the most popular netbook on the market, mainly due to its extremely compact design and its affordable price tag. If features an Intel Atom Processor and standard 1GB memory. With built-in webcam and wireless internet connection this small but powerful book makes it easy to stay connected no matter the location.

Price: $299.99

These are the top researched and most popular laptops at the moment. When looking for a new notebook, netbook or laptop computer consider the variety of options and choose wisely. Determine what is needed in a computer and select the model that stays in budget.