Is it Safe to Buy League of Legends Accounts From Reddit

Is it Safe to Buy League of Legends Accounts From Reddit?

League of Legends accounts are often purchased for a number of reasons. One common reason is to “smurf.” Smurfing allows players to experiment with new regions, champions, or roles without risking their primary account’s rank.

Another reason to buy lol skin account is to get rare skins such as DJ Sona, Pulsefire Ezreal, and Star Guardian Ahri. However, buying and selling accounts is against Riot’s Terms of Service.

Buying a second account


League of Legends is a popular multiplayer game that has become a part of the gaming world. It is available on a variety of platforms, and players can purchase additional characters and items to make the experience more enjoyable. However, many players wonder if it is safe to buy a LOL account from Reddit.

Aside from the obvious reasons, some players buy smurf accounts to experiment with new champions and roles without affecting their rank or reputation on their main account. They can also try out different servers and regions, as Riot offers an in-game option for switching.

Buying a second account can be dangerous, especially if it is botted. Riot will detect botted smurfs and ban them, so it is important to look for a site that offers a warranty or a handleveled account that has no chance of being banned for botting. Smurfs can also be used to teach friends who are new to the game how to play, as you can match them with opponents of the same level.

Buying a high-level account

League of Legends accounts are used for a variety of reasons. One common use is to help a friend who has just started playing the game. Since the game only matches you with players of the same rank or higher, buying a smurf account is a great way to teach your friend the basics.

Another reason to buy a high-level account is to test out new champions or roles without risking your rank. Many players use this method to try out the new DJ Sona, Pulsefire Ezreal, or Star Guardian Ahri skins.

However, it is important to be careful when purchasing an account from a third party. It is a good idea to purchase an account from a website that has public reviews and a high karma score. This will ensure that you are getting a legitimate account and that it is not botted. Otherwise, you may be cheated out of your money and receive an account that is not up to par.

Buying a ranked account


League of Legends is a multiplayer game that millions of people play. It can be very competitive and it can take a while to reach level 30 and get into ranked. However, not all players want to spend 100 hours climbing the ladder to reach this level. This is why many players choose to buy a ranked account.

Buying a ranked account can help you experiment with new champions and roles without risking your main account’s ranking. You can also try out different regions without spending a lot of money on a new one.

In addition to the convenience of a ranked account, some people use them to make money from boosting. Boosting is the process of taking an account to a high rank through practice games with lower-ranked friends. It is against Riot’s Terms of Service to sell a ranked account, but it’s still profitable for many people. These accounts usually come with unspent IP and RP.

Buying a low-level account

Many players buy low-level accounts for smurfing and to get a feel for the game before investing real money. However, smurfing can be dangerous for a new player as he or she may be banned by Riot if caught. In addition, it is important to purchase an account from a trustworthy seller. Check whether the seller has a verified email and offers reliable warranty terms.

It takes a lot of time to level up a League of Legends account. It can take up to 100 hours to reach level 30 and compete in ranked games. This is not a realistic goal for a new player who wants to play competitively.


Buying a low-level account can help you get to the fun part of the game faster. It can also save you a lot of time if you have a busy schedule. However, some players still prefer to grind hours, days or even weeks before they can start playing games.