How To Use Earbuds As A Mic On PC

How To Use Earbuds As A Mic On PC?

When it comes to recording something or you want to talk to a friend on a video call or Skype you have made an announcement but how can you do without a mic. You would like to check out that people can use the earbuds as a mic or there is no wonder how it works. Well, earbuds and microphones are similar in the construction. Both of them have a diagram and deal with sound in different ways.

How To Get Earbuds Picked Up As A Mic?

For a system, you need to plug the headphones into the mic. From here, you have to open up the computer preference or use manages the audio device. Now you have to click on the tab or you can tap on the headphones to see. If the thing is done you are very good to go. Now one can set up the earbuds as a mic for the PC or you will be able to use the earbuds as a microphone.

Set Up The Earbuds on Windows 10

Set Up The Earbuds on Windows 10

You need to connect the earbuds to the same Bluetooth as the PC. One can follow the mentioned options to do so-

If you have wireless earbuds you need to connect by Bluetooth device.

If you have wired earbuds make sure it doesn’t have a 3.5 mm jack that is an older version of the headset. The cable is not suitable for the audio or other for the microphone.

A sound card improves the quality of the sound on the motherboard. You can check it here.

  • One can do left click on the sound icon on the taskbar.
  • From the Drop menu, you can select the sound device.
  • Choose the connected headset.

Record the Voice

  • Get the microphone as the default device.
  • Now you have to click on the sound icon.
  • Select the option and sound settings.
  • Select the sound panel on the right.
  • Click on the recording tab.
  • Choose the microphone.
  • Make sure to set it as default.
  • Click on the properties of Windows.
  • Choose the level tab.
  • Now you have to adjust the volume as it is needed.

Optimize The Sound

As you all know, earbuds and microphones are used for the respective jobs. The earbuds are not used as an ideal Mike so there is a need to adjust some volume for Equaliser settings to grab the best experiences. One can adjust the input volume or click on the sound control panel. Here you can experience the improved sound for the mic volume will be boosted. However, it’s what to do or you can expect the best sound with no doubt.

Optimize The Sound

If you have a great option with setup in, you can adjust the Equaliser settings as well. Moreover, it is based on computer and other installed programs you might be able to add. Now this will provide the best sound with earbuds.

Wind UP

Now you can shift earbuds can work as a microphone. If you do not expect the high quality audio you can conduct the cause economic announcements or do some recordings. You even use the earbuds as a microphone or letters check out the experience. For more details about use earbuds as a mic on PC, you can click on