How to Play the Dinosaur Card Game

How to Play the Dinosaur Card Game

The first thing that you need to understand about this game is that each dinosaur has its own quirk. These quirks will affect the way they answer the questions. The player with the highest score will be the one to move the Dinosaur meeple along its escape path, while the player with the lowest score will be the one to add a Disaster card to the Disaster area. The point value of each dinosaur is determined by the card that faces up, and depending on the other cards in the deck, the score can be different.

Shuffle the Cards Well and Deal Them Out Clockwise

To begin the educational card games kids, shuffle the cards well and deal them out clockwise. Each player will receive nine cards of different kinds. If there are two players, each player will receive ten cards. The dealer will show all extra cards to the players, but they will not count as dinosaurs. If the dealer notices an extra card, he or she should point it out to them. The extra card will not be used as a dinosaur.

Playing the Dinosaur Card Game

When playing the dinosaur card game, each player draws a single card. A hand will be made up of nine cards with different point values and different colors. Each dinosaur card represents a different bone group. Each of the nine cards is the same color, meaning each pair of players will have the same number of bones. However, the paleontologist can also act as a wildcard, making the game even more fun.

Build Your Own Dinosaur Game

Build Your Own Dinosaur Game

During the game, players must try to collect all nine bones from one dinosaur. The goal is to build a complete dinosaur. The player who has the highest score at the end of the game will win the prize. To win the game, the players must have a certain amount of points, and they must be in a position to trade. The player with the highest score is the winner. In addition to that, the card must be of the same kind of color as each other’s.

Trades Cards Quickly

To win the game, each player must gather the nine bones of a particular dinosaur. Then, they can trade cards with their opponents. During the process, the player must be careful not to trade the same type of cards and bones because they are not compatible. In order to earn a winning hand, players must exchange their traits quickly. In the end, they should not trade the same type of card with the same dinosaur as their opponents.

Dinosaur Card Game Rules

The rules of the dinosaur card game are fairly simple. The goal of the game is to collect as many cards as you can from the deck. The cards must be shuffled thoroughly. After that, they should be dealt clockwise, from the dealer. Each player will have nine cards of different colors and values. The dealer should point out any extra cards that can be redeemed as dinosaurs. A paleontologist can also act as a wild card in the midst of the game.


Each player must collect 9 cards that represent a certain dinosaur. The players should take care to trade the cards quickly and not trade their bones. It is important to note that each card represents a different group of bones. The first player with the most points wins. The last player with the lowest score loses. If the players cannot trade all their cards, they will get a Disaster card and have to discard one.