What Are The Difference Between Helpdesk And Service Desk

What Are The Difference Between Helpdesk And Service Desk

With amazing experience, by the passion to change day to day life is mostly based on service in all over the world. The goal of an end to end enterprise service automation of more and more organisations successfully turning to AISERA. AISERA is the world’s first AI service Management solution which transforms service-oriented groups of helpdesk and service desk. That empowers business uptime, improved productivity, consumers like self-service experience and cost reduction of the customers as well as employees. The main difference between the help desk and service desk is based on auto-resolve incoming enquiries, issues and requests.

What Is Help Desk?

What Is Help Desk

The helpdesk is much focused on dependent IT solutions where the tactical help provides in this. The basic support provided by the help desk such as password reset, troubleshooting, printer configurations, Ticket routing and so on. Then the escalated issues are handled by the help desk. Visit here https://aisera.com/request-a-demo-with-aisera-ai-for-itsm/ for more info.

What is Service Desk?

The service desk provides a single point of contact between companies and those customers involved within the business partners. The timely manner is the most appropriate help of the service desk. They can able to submit how long it takes to resolve the issues for the working process. The required help has to fulfilled in day to day activities.

How Help Desk and Service Desk Works?

AISERA becomes the nerve centre of automation from every touch point. More proactive automation can resolve across the leading companies. It plugs right in existing system records with multichannel ability likewise knowledge base, ticketing, managing identity, monitoring, etc. So that, the advanced conventional AI service management transforms the driving productivity which reduces the business costs. Then the multi-step conversations can be automated proactively. The best benefits of AISERA is automation without compromise in the enterprise. The modernized service of help desk and service desk operations depends on user requests to unleash greater self-service with automation.

All in one conversational platform has managed through automating in the service desk based on Virtual Assistant resolutions and capabilities. It provides a single and scalable automation interface for IT, HR, Sales, Customer Service, Facilities, Operations and so on. Then The organisation can deliver a personalised omnichannel service experience to both customers and the employees.


It improves service team productivity as well as operation cost reduction. Customer satisfaction improves the service desk and helpdesk by the integration of AI automation. And then it adds up to an exceptional experience across the enterprises. Then the special key capability is the cloud-native with no additional resources required and just it works.

The advanced conventional AI offers to the user with an intent library as a consumer-like experience. AISERA provide immediate and complete resolution of support requests. Then it requires no training, prep-work, pre-built intent understanding or data cleansing and delivering. And also provide the execution of workflows from the service catalogue. Major incident predictor helps to discover and resolve the issues before customers even open incidents. IT predicts outages and sends proactive notification of developing critical situations. Connect the existing system with AI is very much easy to manage the service desk and help desk management.