How to Watch Stanley Cup Finals 2021 Live Stream on Your Smartphone

Stanley Cup Finals Live Stream on Radio in Canada

Are you someone who loves to listen to live sports on Radio? If yes, and if you’re an ice hockey fan from Canada, then this article is what you’re looking for. Here we’re going to discuss how to listen to the Stanley Cup Finals live stream on Radio in Canada.

In case of popularity, Canada has larger viewers of NHL than the US. Therefore, every year broadcasters telecast and audio stream the league live in Canada. Besides, a few of the Canadian teams are also playing in the tournament. Read the full article to find out where to listen to the audio stream of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Listen to Stanley Cup Finals Live Stream On Radio

Listen to Stanley Cup Finals Live Stream On Radio

The Toronto Maple Leafs were amazing in the regular season. They finished top in the North Division and qualified for the play-offs. However, in the first round of the play-off, the Maple Leafs lost to the Montreal Canadiens. So, it’s possible that Montreal may make it to the finals. We’ve to listen to the Stanley Cup Finals live stream to know who wins.

However, the following radio channels will stream the NHL games in Canada:

TSN Radio

TSN is a popular sports TV network in Canada. If you live in Canada, you must have watched many games on this channel. You may not know that they also have a Radio station for sports fans. And the good news is, TSN Radio will cover the NHL games radio streaming in Canada.

You can listen to TSN Radio from all over the country. Not to mention, it has radio stations only in four cities. Therefore, if it’s not available in your area, you can listen to TSN Radio through iheartradio via online streaming.

And if it’s available in your local area, then you can turn on the radio, find the station and enjoy the commentary. We know, even in 2021, many of you keep radios with you. To find the AM in your country, visit TSN’s official website. There you will also get the schedule for the games.

CBC Radio

CBC Radio also streams selected NHL games in Canada. Like TSN, CBC is a popular Sports TV network in Canada. You can watch sports shows on CBC TV too if you want. Once, the hockey night in Canada used to stream on CBC Radio.


Alongside CBC, CFRB also streams the NHL games. But it only streams Maple Leafs games in the tournament. The reason is that CFRB has its station only in Toronto. So, you can only listen to CFRB if you are in Toronto.

This year, the tournament format is slightly different than other years. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, these changes were made. We hope our Canadian teams go to the finals regardless of the changes.

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Final Words

Listening to sports commentary on the radio is really fun. We hope that you enjoy the upcoming Stanley Cup Finals live stream on TSN Radio. It’s streaming all the games, including the play-off and the finals. So, who are you cheering for this year in the NHL?