Review of Webkinz Charm Bracelet by Ganz

Review of Webkinz Charm Bracelet by Ganz

My daughter received the Webkinz Charm Bracelet by Ganz as a gift from me. I chose this one as it came as a set, I was able to get the Webkinz Monkey Pet, the charm bracelet, and the Webkinz Monkey Charm together much cheaper than buying them separately. I was really hoping that she would not break it the first day and hated to pay much for it just to have it break quickly. My daughter was thrilled and so happy to have an official Webkinz bracelet for her charms. To say she was thrilled at receiving it would be an understatement. Since then she has worn the charm bracelet that she also received with the charms attached to it, but sadly the bracelet broke the 3rd day of wear. No charms were lost in the incident! I do not feel that it was due to the quality of the bracelet but due to her chewing on anything that she wears.

Safe as there is no actual chat, only programmed responses such as ‘How was school today?’ and ‘What do you like best?’ There is no fee for the website but a child has to buy a stuffed Webkinz pet to get a code so they can play on Webkinz World. There the pet turns into a virtual pet that moves around and does many actions, even learning tricks! The website has educational games, fun games, and many learning opportunities….children learn to manage money by earning it and taking care of their pets. Money is earned by playing games, answering educational questions, contests, and jobs that are educational. The pet talks to the child and is very loving.

Webkinz Charm Bracelet

The collectible charms are for the Magical Charm Forest in Webkinz World. A child cannot enter it until they have a code from buying a charm. The charm bracelet does not come with a code to enter the Charm Forest but does have a code to input. The child needs to have an active Webkinz account to play it. Once the code from the charm is entered into the Code Shop, the child can search the Charm Forest for virtual surprises. So far, we have only found Kinzcash and Charm Candy. But I hear rare items and extra special items can be found! Every six hours the child can pick a road from four road options and search the Charm Forest again. When a child has all eight codes, the Charm Forest then will give out more exclusive and special items.

The virtual charm will be shown on a tree and can be placed on the child’s virtual Webkinz pet. The Webkinz pets can wear up to three charms each. Or the child can leave the charm in the tree for safe keeping. The actual charm bracelet is six inches long with a two inch extender not including the lobster claw clasp. The charm is silver in color and has the Webkinz logo on a blue background, the logo on the bracelet is one inch long. The Webkinz W is indented into the silver back of the logo. There are rings along the bracelet to attach the Webkinz charms but all 24 of the available charms will not fit on one bracelet. I would say about ten would be a good number. The charms look chunky and too big for the charm bracelet I think.

It comes in a paper-backed clear plastic holder so the charm bracelet can be seen. Behind it, you will find the tiny slip of paper with the feature code for the forest. It is tiny so could be easily lost when the charm is removed from the packaging! The feature code gets the child a virtual holder for their charms on Webkinz World that will be placed in their room, so they can see their charms when they are out of the Charm Forest as well. It will also be placed on their Webkinz pets online.

The Magical Charm Forest is very sparkly and looks magical! My daughter ooed and aahed over it. It has good fairies and bad fairies pretending to be good fairies there. The child clicks on a fairy to see what they will get, sometimes Kinzcash and sometimes a bad fairy will pop out instead! The fairies are from the game on Webkinz with fairies, the same good and bad fairies…the main reason my daughter wanted in there so badly! That is her favorite game to play on the site.