6 Ideas for Moms Seeking Weightloss

6 Ideas for Moms Seeking Weightloss

I am an overweight mom. Plain and simple. In order to fix the problem and get fit and healthy, I am embarking on a journey of eating right and exercising regularly. I’ve compiled a list of easy ideas that I am going to do in order to stick with my goal. Here are six of my ideas that I feel will keep me on the right track toward success.

Calorie Counting

I’ve done this before in the past, and it has really worked for me. I’ve never been good at dieting so I decided this was a better option for me. I recently joined an online community called Calorie Count. All I have to do is eat and input what I eat onto my food log. They figure out how many calories I need per day; how many calories I burn doing different workout routines; and how much weight I lose over time. It’s super easy and the community of others offers great support,Read this to find out more about CBD weight loss right now.

Dancing With My Kids

This sounds so silly but, every chance that I get, I try to get up and play with my kids. Sometimes we dance, other times I lift them in the air for 8-10 reps. They don’t know that Mommy is getting a workout, they just think it’s fun. I have found that it’s super easy to sneak in little workouts with kids since they add resistance naturally.

After Dinner Walks


Instead of sitting down to watch TV after dinner, my family and I just started going on family walks. Not only is this healthy, but it tuckers my little ones out and makes bed time so much easier. I’ve learned that you really don’t need a gym for fitness; family fitness brings us together. Along with family time, playing and waking with your kids can burn almost 100 calories in 20 minutes based on your weight .


Yes, that’s right, I cheat once a day. I like to buy the Hershey’s dark chocolate bars and eat half per day. I still log this for my calorie intake, but I find that if I reward myself a little I tend to eat better throughout the day. My treats are always under 200 calories, and I try to pick the ones (like dark chocolate) with health benefits. “It’s very important to cheat,” said Ramona Josephson, a Vancouver-based registered dietitian. “It’s easier to stick to a healthy eating plan if you allow yourself a little flexibility.”

Hide Bad Food

Hide Bad Food

I love bread and cookies. In order to stop my cravings, I asked my husband to hide these and other items that I struggle with. Either that or I just don’t buy them. Out of sight; out of mind.

Fitness Ideas

I get bored easily. To switch up my fitness routine, I choose two different workouts per week. YouTube is great for finding 20-30 minute routines that burn lots of calories. Along with doing my routines, I add small sessions throughout my day.

Getting fit takes a lot of work, time, and sweat. If you can conquer the dread and just do it, there is nothing better than watching the weight fall off. I’ve got 30 pounds to go, but a lifetime of eating right and staying fit is the real end goal.