Misfit-Shine - Motivation at a Glance

Misfit Shine – Motivation at a Glance – Or So They Say

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to get back to “normal” life.  For many people, myself included, this means trying to get more fit.  Since I am studying programming, I spend hours sitting around working on a computer.   Like most computer people, exercise is not high on my priority list, falling somewhere between defragging a five year old desktop that is never used anymore and doing laundry.

Studying wearable tech, I became curious to see if a fitness band could motivate me to get more exercise, thinking that if it could help me, it could probably help  just about anyone.  Shortly before Christmas, I got a Misfit Shine.  I decided on this for my first trial because of the price $99.00, and because a friend told me they liked theirs.   Sooner was very curious about it, hoping I think, that it would lead to more walks for him.

Motivation at a Glance
  • Sooner hoping this means more walks.
  • Here’s what you get for that $99.00
  • Shine Box
  • Inside box
  • Inside the box are five items. The band, monitor, small strap, battery and tool for opening the monitor.

Five things inside.

Make sure you check the system requirements.  I wanted to put the app on my old Note 2, but it would not work.  It works fine on my Note 4.

System Requirements

System Requirements

The back of the case has the Misfit symbol and an small oval with a 12 in it.  This indicates the 12 position on a clock and is important for opening and closing the case.  There is a very small slot right beside the oval where you put the tip of the opening tool to open the case.  I first tried putting the tool on the edge of the case and opening from there but all I did was scratch the case a bit.  You have to fit it in the slot and twist the tool and the bottom will pop off.

Back of the monitor case

There are several things to look for inside the monitor case, the + sign on one side and the number 12 on the other.

Inside the Monitor

The battery will go in the side with the + sign.  This side is magnetic and the battery should snap into place.  Make sure the + sign is down.

Plus side and battery

Look for the 12 on the other side of the case.  This must line up with the 12 in the oval on the back side of the case in order to close properly.  Line up the 12’s, gently move the side around until you feel the pieces fit together, then press until they close with a snap.  This is important because your monitor will not be waterproof if it is not closed properly.

Look for the 12

Once it is closed, hold in your hand and tap twice with two fingers.  You should see the lights circle around the monitor.  Tap three times to turn on the secondary mode which will monitor several other activities.  By default it is set to monitor sleep, but can be set to other functions in the app such as swimming, playing tennis, basketball or riding a bike, click here.

Closed Monitor Case

  • When the monitor is ready, place it in the band.
  • Band and monitor
  • Band and monitor together

Tap the monitor lightly with two fingers and it will display one light, indicating your level of fitness for the day.  As you move, more lights will appear.  When it displays 12,  you have reached your fitness goal.

One light

Now all I have to do is to put it on and get moving!  I will say that the Shine is very comfortable to wear.  It is light, the band is soft and flexible and most of the time I forget that I am wearing it.  Now on to the important part.  Will this help me get moving??? Stay tuned and we’ll see.