how to scan using smartphone

How to scan QR code or Documents with your Smartphone?

Today, smartphones are not only used to make phone calls but you will get a bunch of additional features with it. when you think about scanning something with your smartphone, it is possible because of high-quality cameras in smartphones. There are several things that you may need to scan with the use of your mobile. As you know, most of the production have QR codes that you may need to scan. It will provide lots of information about the product that you may need.

If you want to how to scan using smartphone, it will be quite easy and quit. It will depend on the type of your smartphone and what you want to scan with it.

How to scan QR code with smartphone?

How to scan QR code with smartphone

When you want to scan any QR code from any product or item with your smartphone, you will need a specific app for it. If you are using an Android smartphone, you will need to follow the following steps for it:

• First of all, open Google Play Store on your Android smartphone.
• After that, you will search for the barcode scanner app in it.
• There will be lots of different barcode scanning apps where you can download a good one.
• You will install it in your device and will open it.
• After that, you will allow it to use your camera and will start the scanner.
• It will open the camera and will scan the barcode.
If you are using iOS smartphone device, you will follow the steps given below for it:
• First of all, open App Store on your iOS device and search for QR scanner
• After that, click the app that you want to download and install.
• Once you successfully install the app in your iOS device, open it.
• It will also use the camera of your smartphone to scan the QR code.

After completing the scanning, you can click the link to visit the related website.

How to scan documents with your smartphone?

You may also need to know how to scan using smartphone for any kind of documents. If you want to scan any documents to save its copy on your device, you will follow this website which is given below

Scan documents with Google drive

Scan documents with Google drive:

It is probably the best way to scan any document on your Android device.
• You just need to open Google drive app and click “+” option in the lower right corner of your screen.
• After that, you will get several options where you will select “scan”.
• You will allow your device to use the camera of your smartphone.
• After that, you can scan any document with the use of camera and can save it to your Google Drive account.

There are many more apps available to scan documents. You can search on your Google Play Store or iOS App Store to find out document scanning app for your smartphone. With the use of these apps, you can scan photos and documents to save it on your device.