How to play qwop

How to play qwop?

Have you ever heard something about the QWOP game? Well, QWOP is a special game that is also known as the 4-key running game. This game has been developed by the Bennett Foddy. In this game, the player has to control an athlete QWOP, who is a hero of the Scandinavian. If you can coordinate your fingers exceptionally well then you can become a professional player of the same game. For many game lovers, this QWOP game is so special. In order to understand how you can play QWOP game then you will have to go to the following paragraphs right now without asking anyone else.

Use the keys

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Before becoming familiar with the advanced tactics of playing the mentioned game, you will have to learn the basics. In short, you should know which kind of keys you are going to use. As mentioned earlier, this is a 4 –key running game so the 4 keys will be used by the player. Here are some brief details regarding the uses of different keys:

Q key- For moving the anterior thigh forward of your player and posterior back, you all will need to use the Q key. You have to use this key smartly whenever you need.

W key- In order to move the posterior thigh onward, you should use the W key. You can say the W key is truly opposite of Q key in terms of controlling your athlete.

O Key-To moves the anterior calf forward, C key will be used.

P key- This key will work just opposite of the O key so you can use it according to the game play situation.
Now, you have a far better viewpoint to start playing the mentioned game. The player should always use the mentioned keys in appropriate ways to make most out of their gaming experience.

Tips for playing QWOP

Now, you can learn some advanced tips for playing the mentioned game. Here are the things which you should follow for making your gaming experience the best:

Understand the tutorial- first of all, you will have to understand the entire tutorial well. by doing so, you can become familiar with the basics of this game again.

Maintain the balance of runner- the big challenge for the players in such game is to maintain the balance of the runner. If you will maintain the balance offer, then the chances of getting success in this game will automatically get increased.

Start the running by pressing O key- One should start the mentioned game by pressing O key. You know the uses of O key in this game so start the running procedure.

Set the position of the runner- it is very essential for the players to set the position of Runner.

Q and P keys for the first step- for the first time the players will need to price q and P keys which will help them to who put the first step of the runner.

Keep practicing the same procedures- on the other hand, you should try to practice the given tips again and again to become a champion player of the mentioned game.