How to Make Medical Equipment Pieces of Art

How to Make Medical Equipment Pieces of Art

Today I will share my personal experience about how I made my life easier with the medical equipment I have to use everyday. Well it is not very difficult if you have a mindset of making things easy around you. Still, it is not easy to accept the fact that you cant live normally without the help of the medical equipment. However, let me share my experience: Having to use a wheelchair, crutches, or a walker can be very disheartening to the soul. I am currently on supplemental oxygen for an illness and am absolutely disgruntled about dragging the oxygen tank behind me. People seem afraid to say hello, and if they do it’sabout the death and dying thing. I am going to recover and not need to drag the tank, but there are many others who are not so fortunate. I came up with an idea to make medical equipment a conversation piece about laughter opposed to the usual pity and despair scenario, click this over here now.

With a little paint and imagination, crutches, oxygen tanks, wheelchairs, walkers etc. can be transposed into works of art. I was on crutches a few years ago, and did just that. I painted the crutches to make them not so boring and unwanted. I received so many compliments on the work, that I thought I’d pass along the tip.

Make Medical Equipment Pieces

It is a simple process, and does not take an artist to accomplish the task. I used outdoor spray paint for the bottom coat. Then, I used acrylic art paint, and with a brush, painted patterns on the crutches. After all the paint dried, I sprayed a paint sealer on the crutches to waterproof.

For oxygen tanks, why not decorate for the holidays? Simply add a plastic spider and it’s BOO for all that sees you, or a Santa hat to say Merry Christmas. It just takes a little imagination to bring smiles to your face and others. Children will especially appreciate the creativity, and find their dependence on medical assistance devices not so dreadful. Stickers could also be applied to equipment, bringing smiles to the faces of children.

In conclusion, medical equipment is your friend, so my doctor says, so make it as pleasant of an experience as you can. Be creative and bring joy to lives. Children will appreciate the art, especially if they are destined to use a wheelchair or walker for long term use. A simple art project can make a world of difference in how it all is perceived by the user as well as society. Happy Painting!!!!