How to Connect Smartphone to TV without Cable

How to Connect Smartphone to TV without Cable?

Looking at your eyes and watching Netflix series and YouTube videos on your smartphone may get demanding. Even though the minute computers have long battery life and HD quality graphics, they are no contrast to the bigger LED televisions that come with better sound quality and perfect when you have friends over for a game or movie night. Connect the phone to TV, so that you are able to view your android mobile phone on a superior screen. Swapping between apps is simple that you can do either by using your phone or your television’s remote. Whether you are traveling to a foreign country for work or for your friend’s wedding party you can emulate the android screen to TV anywhere you go and enjoy the same quality. If you want more information about screen sharing, you can visit this website.

What Is Screen Mirroring

What Is Screen Mirroring?

Paring your mobile phone screen with a smart TV can result in a seamless match. Attaching a phone to a TV is the best method to look at photos, watch videos, play games and scroll via apps that used to live completely on your phone. Screen mirroring is also called as screen sharing. It is simply replicating a phone, tablet, laptop or computer screen onto a TV screen. Every device has particular needs that must encounter that successful screen share. Newer devices have a screen mirroring feature, or smart view, while older devices and operating systems may not have that feature. To find out if your android device has screen sharing or smart view functionality, use two fingers to pull down the notification menu and look for the smart view sign. This site provides many details about the wireless connection between phone and TV.

How To Share Android Screen To TV Wirelessly

How To Share Android Screen To TV Wirelessly?

Many android devices have streamlined their wireless screen sharing choice by making smart TVs compatible with some smartphones and tablets. To start screen sharing, simply choose screen mirroring on your TV under the sources menu. On your compatible mobile phone, select the smart view icon under the notifications menu and pair your devices. Here are some of the ways about how to connect a phone to the TV.

 Google chromecast

Google chromecast is a dongle-like device, which you have to insert in the spare HDMI input. It links to the Wi-Fi available at your home or in the hotel room to pair your smartphone with the TV. You can play any downloading service from Netflix to the iPlayer using the device. It has a long battery life. Google chromecast only promotes android phones with higher operating systems. The mobile phone is to be used as a remote control.

 Miracast

A standard way to connect the smartphone to television, Miracast develops an ad hoc network, which connects your mobile phone with a Miracast compatible set-top box. Today, many smart TVs are compatible with Miracast themselves. So you do not require a set-top box for connecting to your phone. It is only compatible with android or higher operating systems. Miracast works like a chromecast. The smartphone connects to television is strong and has effective compression with the best quality HD downloading.

These are all some choices for wireless connection. There are many options available to connect the phone to the TV like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi network or through the app. Connecting a chromecast to your TV allows you to display your phone screen on the TV screen. This means you could show anything on your TV, even apps and games that will not normally support casting. This website provides essential steps about how to connect mobile to a TV without wire.