How do you Flip a Coin Heads Every Time

How do you Flip a Coin Heads Every Time?

We see many of the people who always win the toss; how is it possible? By impressing these people, you are also looking for the ways that make you able to flip a coin always head appears.

When we talk about a fair coin, then there is a probability that the head and tail are 50-50, and random results are expected. But if a coin is biased, then it is possible that a result such as always head appears may occur.

Is it possible for a fair coin that when flip a coin heads every time?  No need to worry; we have some solutions for you.

How do I flip a coin heads every time?

How do I flip a coin heads every time

If you want to know how to flip, then follow these simple steps and know the coin flipper technique.

  • When you start flipping the coin, first know which side of the coin starts face up when we flip the coin. But make sure that coin flips for a specific number of flips.
  • When you have made a practice, apply the same technique when you need to flip a coin. The way to flip the coin should be the same every time, and you should also apply the same force.
  • But do not apply too much force, which causes more flips because more flips can mismatch your results. You want to head; as a result, keep the same technique you already apply to get head as a result.
  • As a result, for the head, make practice that a coin flip for four to five times, not more than that.
  • No worry, if you are not a c perfect coin flipper, then try to flip start from the head; the side which starts facing up has a probability of 51 percent, so try to keep head face up to get head as your result.
  • By this technique, no matter how many flips a coin takes, there are more chances to come to the side which was face up.
  • When you are flipping the coins, apply the techniques like a professional coin flipper; if you have tried a lot but do not get the required result, go with the second technique to keep your head facing up.

What is the probability between head and tails?

When we consider the probability of outcomes, there are two possible outcomes, head, and tails. People believe that there is an equal 50/50 probability between heads and tails.

Experts say that there are more chances of the heads, and the probability is 51/49 for heads and tails.

What is the probability between head and tails

Does it work to follow the technique for getting head every time?

People who are perfect coin flippers can get head; thus, each time they flip the coin, the ratio is not a hundred percent.

But a person who is not a professional coin flipper can get head more times than tails, but not quite sure. You will be an expert in your skills more will be chances of heads.

Final Thoughts:

If you want to flip a coin that gives heads every time, it is possible by some techniques which we share in the above content. But it only works with confidence who are expert coin flippers, so make yourself proficient in using a trick to get head every time.