How can I edit an EPS file

How Can I Edit an Eps File?

EPS files are also known as vector images which can be quite hard to edit if you do not know about the right tools. You can find hundreds and thousands of vectors images online which you can use for several things. It can be quite difficult to edit EPS files with free tools but you can also use powerpoint to edit them. You might be shocked to know that powerpoint can be used for the editing of vector images. EPS files are not similar to PSD files which stores pixels in them.

What are Eps Files?

What are Eps Files

EPS files are the file format used for storing graphical vector images and can be used in Adobe Photoshop programs. The size of these images can be in gigabytes which can be quite big and take some time to process them. EPS files can have binary and ASCII structure depending on several things. It can be used to store 2D vector graphic and text. It can also be used to transmit images among different programs.

How Can Your Edit Eps Files in Any Device?

If you download a vector image then it can be in two formats which are EPS and AI depending on the image. So if you want to learn How can I edit an EPS file then you can follow the steps mentioned below.

• Find the EPS file you want to edit – To start the editing of the file you need to find the EPS file in your device. You can check the download folder if you have downloaded them on your browser.

• Open it in your powerpoint slide – Now you can open the EPS files on the powerpoints. You can click on add files or simply drag the file in the powerpoint slide to open them. You might get confused to see that the files look clustered and rough. Well, you do not have to worry about it as you can get it resolved.

Open it in your powerpoint slide

• Ungroup the EPS file – You need to right click on the EPS file and look for the ungroup options to edit them. The EPS file contains multiple groups of shades which might take some time and repeating of the same process until it gets completely ungrouped. After it is completed you can move on to the next step.

• Change and alter the EPS file – Now you can edit the EPS file in the powerpoint by changing its shape, colors, position, and several other things. This way you can make all the necessary adjustments.

• Group the image again – After you have completed the editing process you need to save the file but before that, you need to regroup it again by doing a “right-click” and select group options. Now you can save it and your EPS file has been edited.

How can I edit an EPS file without any issues

These are some of the things using which How can I edit an EPS file without any issues. So make sure that you follow all the steps properly and do not cause any errors with the image. You should make sure to save a backup copy of the EPS file in case anything goes wrong.